The best green project begins with design.  Green practices can be ideally incorporated into our projects at customers request utilizing site orientation and energy-efficient building techniques. Renovations and renovations can incorporate green design elements through sustainable systems, energy-efficient appliances, and reuse of existing materials as well as new green materials.

Over the top building solutions main ”Green” focus into everyday projects is minimising building waste,
Did you know: According to the Green Building Council of Australia, 40 percent of Australia’s landfill was made up of building waste in January 2009.

This is a serious concern, as building will not stop, but the way we build can change, and we at Over the top building solutions want to be part of that change.

Most builders/ companies measure from of the plan, then order extra just to be safe. This practice leads to many off cuts and wastage, which ends up as landfill, and you the customer pay for and so does the environment.

Over the top is going back to the measure twice and cut once rule, We measure each job… in person, then again prior to order placement only then, do we order exactly what is needed. This produces great results with only unavoidable minimal off cuts, also our surplus materials get stored for use in other projects, Roofing is our biggest division, so we use Angle cut roofing system where possible for our roofing which reduces waste by as much as 15% on most jobs. These are just few steps we are taking to tackle this issue and we continue to incorporate many other green practices everyday. Because simple changes, can have big rewards